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Keep Brevard Conservative

  • To become a member you must first attend a Brevard Republican Party Executive Committee (BREC) general membership meeting and meet the following requirements:
    • The candidate must submit an application to designated personnel at the registration table at the first BREC membership meeting the candidate attends. Bring the following online application or ask for and complete application at the registration table.
    • The candidate must be a registered Republican for 365 days or more and a resident of Brevard County. Bring your Florida Voter registration card, and out of State proof of party affiliation to first meeting.
  • After attending two consecutive regularly scheduled BREC Membership meetings the candidate shall be sworn in as a member. (at conclusion of the second meeting)
  • Once a member of BREC, you are eligible for election, or appointment in the case of vacancy, to the position of Precinct Committeeman or Precinct Committeewoman.

BREC Application

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We're excited you've made the decision to Join BREC!
Simple requirements: If you have been a registered Republican in Brevard County for at least 12 months, please complete and submit this application. Then follow the instructions on the Confirmation page.

Application for Brevard Republican Executive Committee Membership:
Name and address as shown on your Brevard Voter Registration Card
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Party Loyalty Oath:

I, ___________________________________, swear or affirm that during my term of party office I will not actively, publicly, or financially support the election of any candidate:
  • (1) Seeking election against the Republican Party’s nominee in a partisan unitary, general, or special election that includes a Republican nominee; or
  • (2) Who is not a registered Republican and is seeking election against a registered Republican in a non-partisan election, except that this provision does not apply to judicial races under Chapter 105, Florida Statutes.
I further swear or affirm that, in my capacity as a Republican Executive Committee member I will not support, in a contested Republican primary election, the nomination of one Republican candidate over another, or in a nonpartisan election, the election of one registered Republican over another, unless the Executive Committee has voted to endorse that candidate in accordance with RPOF Rule 8. This provision does not preclude me from supporting in any manner my personal Republican candidate of choice in a contested Republican primary election or my personal registered Republican candidate of choice in a nonpartisan election, provided I do not express such support with public reference to my title or office within the Republican Party of Florida.

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First Meeting Date Second Meeting Date Date Sworn In
Paid for by the Brevard County Republican Party. Contributions are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.