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About Jonathan Cronkhite

Growing up on the New England shore, I appreciated nature from a young age.  That’s why, when I met my wife, Carrie, in Florida 25 years ago, we knew Melbourne Village was going to be the perfect place to raise our 5 children.  A decade of ice cream socials, Founders’ Day events, Independence Day parades, Easter in Deerhead Hammock, movie nights, family adventures on the trails, and community living, have not disappointed. Now that two of our children have flown the nest, my time is a bit more free and I want to give back to the wonderful place that has given so much to us. I have a B.A. in accounting. I operate my own business, repairing and renovating homes that people love to live in.  I also own and manage a few rental properties. Prior to this, I worked as a Youth and Family Pastor which gave me decades of experience leading teams of volunteers, budgeting and raising funds. My skill sets and passions have prepared me well to serve my community. 

I am running for town commissioner because I enjoy working with others to reach common goals. I will find ways to increase revenue (without raising taxes) and decrease expenses. I will help maintain the historically unique and tranquil aspects of Melbourne Village as we move into the future. I will improve the roadways, making them more aesthetically pleasing and safer for our citizens.

I love Melbourne Village, it’s our home. I want to take the best place to live and make it even better.