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About John Bond

John Bond loves Cape Canaveral and has lived there for 20+ years. He owns both a business and home in the city and plans to retire in the city.

 His professional career as a Director of Maritime Development and Real Estate Broker gave him the opportunity to work closely with city officials, attorneys, architects, and builders in various capacities while expanding His knowledge in Riparian and Littoral waterfront law, regulations, and property acquisition. John has been on both sides of the podium and understands the concerns of the residents.

 As a believer in civic duty, he served as the Chair of the Board of Adjustment for Cape Canaveral for three years before being appointed, then elected twice, as a Cape Canaveral Council Member.

 John greatly admires our retired and active veterans and has spent a lot of time working with these heroes; mostly those that are elderly and infirm. He has fixed their homes, been a guardian on an Honor Flight to Washington DC, taken them to appointments and the emergency room, and in many other ways.

 John attended the University of Central Oklahoma and, along with a Florida Real Estate Broker’s license, also holds a Residential Inspector’s license. John owns and operates Cape Canaveral Real Estate, P.A.

 Lastly, he is an avid antique car aficionado, buyer and seller and, when there is time, restorer.

 Three concerns are:

1.       Erosion of Home Rule (sovereignty) – Our ability to rule ourselves is slowly being taken away by the state

2.       A1A Safety and upgrades

3.       Stormwater upgrades and environmental sustainability.