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About Don Willis

Don is a retired business executive and entrepreneur with 40 years of experience, having owned his own technology company for the past 14 years. As such, he has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients covering a broad spectrum of issues from large international corporations to small local businesses. Don brings professional experience to the city council, an ability and willingness to listen, along with decorum and civility toward opposing views.

Along with Don’s experience in business, he was Commissioner for parks and recreation, Vice-Chair of the Business and Economic Development Advisory Board for Cape Canaveral for the past 4 years, served on the board of directors for a private school, and participated in many community projects such as hosting community forums with prominent speakers, candidate forums for those running for City Council, and sponsoring Coffee with a Cop whereby residents can meet our local police officers and ask questions or voice concerns. 

Don is married to Paula Willis and they have three grown children and three grandchildren. He received a BA, Magna Cum Laude, University of North Carolina; Executive Education from Kenan Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina; and PMP Certification Coursework.


Law and Order

The safety and security of all our residents is very important. We all want to be secure in our homes and property. One way of accomplishing this is to support our law enforcement officers and first responders as they work hard to make our communities safe to live, work, and play. I initiated Coffee with a Cop to encourage dialogue between our police and our citizens.  The police and first responders need to meet and greet individual store owners and people who live in their sector. Politicians must ensure law enforcement is properly funded to make their constituents feel safe in their homes and communities.

I support and will work to continue efforts with Florida DOT to make A1A a safe thoroughfare through Cape Canaveral by a variety of efforts, such as reducing speed limits and alternative traffic controls. Our desire to have bike-able, walkable community requires that we make A1A as safe as possible.

Fiscally Conservative

We have many needs within the city and our tax dollars need to be spent wisely. There has been considerable growth and development of city facilities, but we also need to ensure that our infrastructure can meet our increasing demands. We need to make sure that all areas of our city are receiving the same amount of attention to improvements in services and amenities such as sidewalks, street improvements, and lighting. I will work to be prudent with our spending and ensuring that necessary spending is done in a wise way. 

Someone who is truly fiscally conservative will weigh the costs of doing something against the consequences of not doing something. Making the wise choice by understanding the results of that choice.

Environment Our community is responsible for the stewardship of our most precious asset: the ocean and the Banana River. Cape Canaveral must continue to be an example of an environmentally conscious community by promoting efforts to reduce storm water run off into the Banana River and unnecessary use of chemicals. There are ways to partner with our neighboring communities to reduce costs as well as the negative impact on our environment. I would work to promote the city’s sustainability plan and help residents find even more ways to participate.