US Senator Marco Rubio Newsletter 02/25/2023

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FEBRUARY 20-24, 2023

“Family is the cornerstone of any culture and society”
  • Senator Rubio delivered remarks and introduced the Ethics and Public Policy Center’s panel discussion on the American family.

Rubio Stands with Ohio
  • Senator Rubio shared his insights on the East Palestine train derailment and urged bureaucrats and rail companies to put people before profits in USA Today

Blocking Biden’s Radical Nominees 
  • Senator Rubio announced he placed a hold on multiple Senate Committee on Foreign Relations nominees, by President Joe Biden, due to their questionable backgrounds.

Rubio Abroad
Rubio Joins Breaking Battlegrounds
  • Senator Rubio joined the Breaking Battlegrounds podcast to discuss unidentified objects over American airspace and more. 

  • Senators Rubio and Mark Warner (D-VA), the vice chair and chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, sent a letter to the Biden Administration urging the U.S. to do more to protect American innovation from China. 

In the News

“Sen. Marco Rubio Vows To Stop Biden Nominee For Allegedly Covering Up Sexual Assault”(Daily Caller , 2/24/2023) 

“Many Republicans, including Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and former Vice President Mike Pence (R), have criticized Buttigieg’s response to the Ohio train derailment, with the former demanding President Joe Biden to ask for Buttigieg’s resignation.” (Ohio train derailment: Biden administration threatens penalties for Norfolk Southern, Washington Examiner , 2/18/2023) 

“”This is about whether an adversary has developed a capability that they know we’re not looking for because our systems are set up to see missiles and airplanes. They’re not set up to see smaller objects at lower altitudes,” said Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee…” (Chinese spy balloon: Congress wants safer US airspace following downing of aerial objects, Associated Press , 2/20/2023)

“Florida lawmakers are now on the front lines of the battle to save America’s domestic solar manufacturing industry. That’s because the Biden administration has taken the unfortunate step of throwing a lifeline to China’s solar companies. However, Florida Rep. Bill Posey and Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are wisely pushing back.” (Florida’s lawmakers are standing up for America’s solar industry, Sarasota Herald-Tribune , 2/18/2023)

“While the Biden administration declined to declare the train derailment an emergency, and while his transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, was busy lamenting the outsize share of white men in construction jobs (eye roll), Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and J.D. Vance of Ohio published a letter going to the root of the crisis: corporate greed and under-regulation”(A Time for Serious Populism, The American Conservative , 2/21/2023)

“U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, said he was alarmed by the Ford-Contemporary Amperex Technology partnership. He called for a review of the deal and urged the Biden administration to ensure it didn’t receive tax credits or government funding.” (Ford Motor Turns to Industry Outsider to Reverse China Slump, Wall Street Journal , 2/24/2023)

“In view of current recruiting problems, the 118th Congress should renew previous demands for information on woke policies. Congress also should consider mandating that all Defense Department agencies and educational institutions return to recognizing scientific realities of biological sex, not “self-identified gender.” That idea and more are incorporated in legislation just proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Rep. James Banks, R-Ind., called the Ensuring Military Readiness Act of 2023.” (Biden Pentagon Orders Military Chaplains To Bless Putting Male Soldiers In Female Showers And Bedrooms, The Federalist , 2/24/2023)

“Republicans, notably including former President Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, have generally been most ardent in pushing for a TikTok ban…” (A growing group of lawmakers think TikTok is ‘digital fentanyl’ and want to ban it. Many others remain skeptical.,Business Insider , 2/24/2023)

“”Xu Xueyuan repeating lies at the behest of a genocidal regime in the Washington Post is just another example of how the Chinese Communist Party has figured out how to use America’s openness against us,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.” (Republicans blast Washington Post op-ed by CCP official: ‘Worst kind of Chinese propaganda,’ Fox News , 2/23/2023)  

“El senador federal republicano Marco Rubio presentó un proyecto de ley que, en muchos casos, impediría a los transexuales servir en las fuerzas armadas.” (Molesto por el “progresismo” militar, Rubio propone ley para prohibir servir a muchas personas transgénero, El Nuevo Herald , 2/20/2023)

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