RPOF Newsletter 06/26/2022

Registration is now open for the exciting 2022 Sunshine Summit HERE.

Governor Ron DeSantis and the Republican Party of Florida announced program details for the RPOF 2022 Sunshine Summit and Victory Dinner at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, on July 22-23, 2022.

This special event will include a robust agenda of guest speakers, panel discussions and other programming featuring top Florida Republican officials and our nation’s leading conservative voices. The Summit program will also include four Republican primary debates in the following Florida congressional districts: CD-4, CD-7, CD-13, and CD-15.

Featured speakers include Governor Ron DeSantis, First Lady Casey DeSantis; best-selling author and conservative radio and television host Mark Levin; New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz; “The Rubin Report” host Dave Rubin; journalist, political analyst and Fox News host Lisa Boothe; founder of Outkick.com and Fox News contributor Clay Travis; Editor-in-Chief of The Federalist and Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway; and Heritage Foundation distinguished fellow and Fox News contributor Stephen Moore.

In addition to Governor DeSantis, Florida Republican officials speaking at the events include Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Byron Donalds, Congresswoman Kat Cammack, Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, Florida Senate President-Designate Kathleen Passidomo, and Florida House of Representatives Speaker-Designate Paul Renner.

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We thank you for your support and hope to see you in Hollywood, Florida!
Onward to Victory!  

Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Byron Donalds, and Congresswoman Kat Cammack are appearing as featured speakers only and are not soliciting any funds associated with this event.  All funds solicited in connection with the Sunshine Summit and Victory Dinner are being solicited solely by the Republican Party of Florida.



Governor DeSantis Adds More Protections for Floridians from Biden’s Border Crisis

Governor DeSantis announced three significant actions Florida is taking to protect residents from the Biden Border Crisis. 

  • First, Governor DeSantis announced that Florida has formed a strike force of state and local law enforcement to interdict human smuggling and human trafficking, and to seize illegal weapons being transported through the state.
  • Second, Governor DeSantis filed a petition with the Florida Supreme Court to impanel a statewide grand jury to examine international human smuggling networks that bring aliens to the southern border, and ultimately to Florida.
  • Third, Governor DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1808, sweeping legislation he proposed to further protect Floridians from the Biden Border Crisis.

“Illegal aliens are being smuggled across the border in record numbers, which the reckless policies of the Biden administration facilitate,” Governor DeSantis said. “Today, Florida has taken additional action to protect our state from the effects of what is a full-fledged border crisis.”

Read more: https://www.flgov.com/2022/06/17/governor-ron-desantis-takes-additional-actions-to-protect-floridians-from-bidens-border-crisis/


Casey DeSantis Launches Mamas for DeSantis

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis announced this week the launch of Mamas for DeSantis. Through the First Lady’s leadership, Mamas for DeSantis will work to support Governor DeSantis’s re-election campaign as a movement for Florida moms, grandmas, abuelas, nanas and more to get involved in the re-election campaign.

With the goal of signing up a million mamas across the state of Florida, this initiative will be the largest movement of parents in Florida history.

“Here in Florida, we have a true leader looking out for mamas, families, and our children: my husband, Governor Ron DeSantis. It is more important than ever for us to support him this November, and Mamas for DeSantis are fired up to do just that,” First Lady DeSantis said.

Join up or learn more: https://mamasfordesantis.com/

Read more here: https://mamasfordesantis.com/first-lady-casey-desantis-mobilizes-a-million-mamas-for-desantis/ 



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Governor DeSantis Provides $28.4 Million for Economic Growth

Governor DeSantis awarded $28.4 million for economic growth and community resiliency to 23 Florida communities this week. The awards were made through the Community Development Block Grant – CV (CDBG-CV) program, and the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Hazard Mitigation Grant Match Program.

“Supporting the growth and resilience of Florida communities is the best way to ensure Florida’s strong future,” Governor DeSantis said. “Investments made today will provide 23 communities with access to the resources they need to diversify their economies, increase public safety, and mitigate future risks.”

Read more and see the list of communities here: https://www.flgov.com/2022/06/21/governor-ron-desantis-awards-more-than-28-4-million-in-funding-for-economic-growth-to-23-florida-communities/

$4 Million to Callahan for Industrial Park Job Growth

Governor DeSantis awarded $4 million to the Town of Callahan to construct a clean water supply plant at Crawford Diamond Industrial Park, an 1,800-acre industrial megasite served by two major rail lines and is near multiple interstate highways and shipping ports.

This infrastructure project will enable the site to support about 500 jobs directly and 2,158 total jobs in high-wage, sustainable industries, including manufacturing, with an economic impact of more than $25 million.  

“I am happy to support a project that will spur economic growth and create long-term value,” Governor DeSantis said.

Read more: https://www.flgov.com/2022/06/20/governor-ron-desantis-awards-4-million-to-the-town-of-callahan-through-the-florida-job-growth-grant-fund/


Senator Rubio’s Anti-Slavery Bill Kicked in This Week

Senator Rubio continues to be one of the strongest voices against despots around the world, particularly China. He led passage of a bill that will block importation of goods from companies using slave labor in China. He wrote about it this week at Real Clear Politics:

“Slavery has been illegal in the United States for nearly 160 years. And yet, over the past two decades, American businesses and consumers have once again begun to benefit from the horrific practice. 

“It’s an extremely uncomfortable truth, and for most Americans, it likely comes as a surprise. Until recently, they probably had no idea that the clothes they wear, the phones they cannot put down, and the solar panels on their roofs were made, in part, by slaves. The same cannot be said of the companies that eagerly ship jobs overseas to China and source materials from concentration camps.

“Thankfully, all of that is about to change. Starting on June 21, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will block any company seeking to import goods mined, produced, or manufactured, either in whole or in part, by Uyghurs and other persecuted ethnic groups – unless the company can provide conclusive evidence that no forced labor was used at any point in the international supply chain. It is a high burden of proof, but it is necessary given the lack of transparency in China and America’s unwillingness to enforce a 1930 law prohibiting the importation of goods made by slaves.

“The implementation of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which I led with Sen. Merkley and Reps. McGovern and Smith, will also be the most significant change in America’s relationship with China since 2001, when the communist nation joined the World Trade Organization.” 

Read the entire column here:https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2022/06/21/biden_administration_must_enforce_uyghur_forced_labor_prevention_act_147773.html

AG Moody’s Priority Legislation Combating Organized Retail Theft Signed by Governor DeSantis 

Attorney General Ashley Moody thanked Governor DeSantis this week for signing her priority legislation to help Florida prosecutors dismantle organized retail theft rings. During the 2022 Florida Legislative Session, Attorney General Moody worked with lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 1534 to provide more tools to prosecute members of organized retail theft rings.  

“We continue to be proactive in making sure organized retail theft rings do not have a free pass to pillage retailers in Florida,” Attorney General Moody said. “While prosecutors in other states may turn a blind eye to these massive retail crimes, in Florida we enforce the law to protect our citizens and visitors. This new law will help us continue this important work and enhance public safety. I want to thank Gov. DeSantis and state lawmakers who fought for this important legislation to help us build a Stronger, Safer Florida.”

Read more: http://www.myfloridalegal.com/newsrel.nsf/newsreleases/303FA628D2919F06852588670051F1B9


Patronis fights for legal precedent for firefighters getting PTSD support

The Florida Department of Financial Services, led by Florida CFO and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis, filed an Amicus Curiae Brief in support of Brevard County firefighter Roger Williams and his battle for job-induced PTSD benefits under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws.  

“As Florida’s State Fire Marshal, I have made it my top priority to support our first responders,” said CFO Patronis. “This case is especially important, as the 1st DCA has an opportunity to set a legal precedent of support for our brave firefighters statewide. PTSD is a serious challenge for many of our first responders, as they see and deal with unthinkable things in the line of duty.”

In 2018, CFO Patronis worked with the Florida Legislature to pass Senate Bill 376 to provide vital PTSD benefits for first responders to give them the support they need as they protect Florida communities. 

Read more: https://www.myfloridacfo.com/sitePages/newsroom/pressRelease.aspx?id=6209

Read the full Brief here: https://www.myfloridacfo.com/documents/Williams-Amicus-Curiae-Brief.pdf 

LG Nuñez Joins Governor DeSantis Endorsing Pro-Parent, Pro-Student School Board Candidates

Lieutenant Governor Nuñez joined Governor DeSantis this week in endorsing 10 local school board candidates in Florida who will put children’s education and parental rights ahead of woke agendas that strip parents of rights and endanger children’s well-being. 

She wrote on Twitter: “Excited to announce the endorsement of these school board candidates across Florida. With a strong pro-student and pro-parent agenda, these future school board members will ensure our children are educated and not indoctrinated.”


Read more: http://DeSantisEducationAgenda.com



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