Palm Bay Special Election Report from Chairman Rick Lacey


Congratulations to Palm Bay City Council Pete Filiberto!




First, BREC Republicans endorsed Peter Filiberto for Palm Bay City Council in the March 8th special election.

Second, Committeewoman Kim Adkinson, district chair Kathy Meehan and Norace Lindsay put together a campaign plan for Palm Bay which included Door to door canvassing, two targeted mailings, a massive phone call effort, a get out and vote robotext and total coverage of all 16 precincts on Election Day from dawn to dusk.

Third, our Candidate WON and WON BIG! Here are the results:

                                     Votes                Percentage

Peter Filiberto               6400                 51.15%

Phil Moore                     4643                 37.11%

Alfy Agarie                     922                   7.37%

Jimmy Backus                547                  4.37%

Our Republican endorsed candidate won 15 of 16 precincts!

Remember, this was an uphill battle. Democrats control the City Council and have a voter registration edge in Palm Bay.

I would like to thank all of our Republican volunteers for all the hard work they did over the past 8 weeks.

Most of all Congratulations to Pete.  We look forward to working with you to bring a positive influence to the government of the City of Palm Bay.