US Congressman Bill Posey Newsletter 10/21/2021

Given today’s political climate, there are many difficult debates happening in Congress. You and I both know these issues will decide the future of our country and they deeply concern me.  But a lot of the important work done in Congress does not get much media attention.

I would like to take sometime to share with you some initiatives I have been working on recently that you may not have heard about. Namely, I have introduced legislation to hold the multi-billion dollar Big Tech companies accountable for buying and trading your information; to give you the right to your own data; and to give you the ability to keep these outfits from tracking you.

Please continue reading for more about this and more we are working on in Congress.  Please also take a moment to respond to my survey here.  Hearing from you helps me better represent you, so please do not hesitate to contact our office.