The Brevard Republican Executive Committee is the grassroots of the political party organization.

Our objectives include:

  • Election to office of qualified Republicans
  • Promote an informed electorate through political organization
  • Increase Republican registration
  • In general, to uphold the principles of freedom, equality and justice on which the Republican Party and the government of this nation is founded, as set forth in the Constitution of the United States and the State of Florida.











1. The Chairman of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee (sometimes hereinafter

“BREC”) shall appoint a Bylaws Committee to review and recommend all rules to the





1. Proposed bylaws and proposed amendments to existing bylaws must be submitted in writing to the Bylaws Committee for its review and recommendation.

2. Bylaws or amendments recommended by the Bylaws Committee may be adopted by a majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting of the BREC. 






The BREC shall meet at least six (6) times during the calendar year, one meeting within each quarter with at least twenty eight days between each meeting.  The meeting shall be called by the Chairman, with notice of the meeting being sent to each member at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.   All meetings shall be attended only by BREC members or guests who are Republican.  At check in, all BREC members and guests of members must sign in.  At check in, the District Chairs or the Secretary should request any guest to show his or her voter registration card to verify their registration. 





The BREC will be divided into five (5) districts coinciding with the Brevard County Commission Districts.




The Precinct Committeemen and Precinct Committeewomen in each district shall caucus every two (2) years coinciding with the BREC Organizational Meeting  and elect a District Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary.






1. The Executive Board shall meet at least six (6) times during the calendar year.  Executive Board Meetings shall be scheduled prior to a regularly scheduled BREC meeting.  The Chairman may call special meetings as necessary.  A special meeting may be called by the written request to the Chairman of a majority of the members of the Executive Board.  Such a meeting shall be called within fifteen (15) days of receiving such a petition.

2. The Executive Board shall consist of the Chairman of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee , the Vice Chairman of the BREC, the Secretary of the BREC, the Treasurer of the BREC, the State Committeewoman and State Committeeman of the BREC and the District Chairmen.  The Parliamentarian of the BREC, General Counsel of the BREC and Deputy General Counsel of the BREC will be non voting members of the Executive Board.

3. A quorum shall be 40% of the voting members of the Executive Board.

4. The Chairman may open the meetings of the Executive Board  to members of the BREC who may wish to attend as non-voting guests.  The BREC members who attend meetings of the Executive Board who are not members of the Executive Board may participate to the extent that they are recongized by the Chairman.

5.  The Chairman of the BREC also serves as the Chairman of the Executive Board.



1. A prospective member shall not be a candidate for election to the position of precinct Committeeman or Woman until:

a. The prospective member has submitted a written request for candidacy to the county Chairman.  This should be done at the first meeting.

b.   The Secretary has confirmed between the first and second meeting that the prospective member is a Republican and that there is a vacancy in the prospective member’s precinct.

c.  The prospective member has attended two consecutive meetings.  At the conclusion of the second meeting attended by the prospective member, he or she shall be sworn in and sign the loyalty oath and deliver the signed loyalty oaths to the BREC secretary.   

d.   Prior to the prospective member being sworn in, the Chairman of BREC will question the the body of the BREC to see whether there are any objections to the prospective member.  If a BREC  member objects to the admission of the prospective member, a vote of the BREC will be taken with the prospective member being admitted if a majority of the existing quorum votes in favor.

e.  Between the second and third meetings, the Secretary of the BREC shall send up to the Republican Party of Florida (“RPOF”) the signed loyalty oaths of the candidates and the updated BREC membership roster reflecting the additional members and request a list from RPOF of the current membership of the BREC either electronically or otherwise to confirm RPOF receipt of the loyalty oaths and updated roster.  The BREC secretary shall maintain for BREC records copies of the loyalty oaths sent to RPOF. 

f.  Upon receipt of the list indicating that RPOF has received the loyalty oaths of the prospective member and the updated roster, at the beginning of the third consecutive meeting that the prospective member attends, he or she will be able to vote. The RPOF list of BREC members is the only official list of BREC members and unless an individual is on the RPOF list, they are not a member of BREC.

2. Candidates for Precinct Committeeman and Committeewoman shall be voted on at regularly scheduled meetings.

3. Candidates for alternate positions must follow the same procedure required for Regular





1. When a member is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, the member must write, fax, text, or e-mail an excuse to the Secretary or District Chair prior to the meeting.  The excuses will be forwarded to the Chairman for disposition.

2. The Chairman is delegated the authority to grant approval of all absences.  If the person requesting the absence disagrees with the Chairman’s decision, he/she may appeal the decision to the whole Committee which will by majority vote determine whether the BREC member’s excuse will be approved.

3. Alternate Committee Members must follow the same attendance policies required of the Regular Members.


1. An area will be designated reserved exclusively for the vote by the members of the Brevard Republican  Executive Committee. 

2. Elections for BREC officers shall be held one office at a time for the following offices: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

3. A quorum for the transaction of business including but not limited to elections of officers at any meeting of BREC shall consist of forty percent (40%) of the total members of BREC. At no time shall less than forty percent (40%) of the membership of BREC constitute a quorum.  The vote required on any question, including elections,  coming before BREC shall be a majority of the quorum present unless otherwise specified by these By Laws or the BREC Constitution.

4. All elections shall be by secret ballot. A majority vote of those members present shall berequired to be elected to an office. If no candidate receives a majority on the first ballot, a runoff election will be conducted between the two candidates with the highest number of votes. If only one candidate is nominated for an office, a motion may be made to dispense with the balloting for that office.

5. The BREC Chairman shall appoint a Tellers Committee consisting of one person nominated by each announced candidate for RPOF Chairman.   The BREC Chairman shall name the Tellers Committee Chairman who does not have to be a member of the Teller’s Committee.

6. The District Chairs shall distribute ballots to each member of the BREC in their District present at the meeting. 

7. A total of up to ten (10) minutes will be allowed for nominations and or seconds and or candidate’s speeches (or any combination thereof) for each candidate for the office of BREC Chairman.

8. A total of up to five (5) minutes will be allowed for nominations and or seconds and or candidate’s speeches (or any combination thereof) for each candidate nominated for the office of BREC Vice Chairman or Secretary or Treasurer.

9. At the close of nominations for each officer election, the Chairman will instruct all voting members to mark the ballot for that office by printing the name of the candidate for whom they are voting on the appropriate ballot. The District Chairs will then collect the ballots, hand the ballots personally to the Teller chosen for the District and the Tellers will excuse themselves to the counting area and count the number of votes for each candidate.

10. The Tellers Committee Chairman will announce the results for each election upon completing the count for that election. The committee chairman will announce the number of votes for each candidate, and whether any candidate by name received a majority vote of those present, or, in the case of a runoff, the names of the two candidates with the highest number of votes.

11. If, after the first ballot for an office, on which no candidate receives a majority, and immediately prior to instructing the BREC members to vote the “run-off” ballot, the Chairman will give each of the two run-off candidates another opportunity to address the committee as follows: up to two minutes per candidate for the office of Chairman; up to one minute per candidate for the office of Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

12. The newly elected officers will assume office upon election


Every person who is an elected member of the Brevard County Republican Executive Board shall only hold one position as an officer or State Committeeman or State Committeewoman. 


Within sixty (60) days of the resignation of the Vice Chairman, Secretary, or Treasurer or the vacancy of any of the foregoing offices, the Brevard Republican Executive Committee shall hold an election to fill the vacancy pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution and the By Laws.  In the interim the Chairman of BREC can appoint a member of BREC to fill the vacancy. 


The hiring of any employees and the setting of the salary of employees  shall require the approval of sixty percent (60%) of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee, present and voting, provided there is a quorum present. 


No member or guest of the Executive Committee shall collect funds or raise money at an Executive Committee meeting or a BREC office without prior approval of the Chairman. 


When the Chairman, State Committeeman and State Committeewoman are required to attend meetings involving travel and lodging on behalf of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee, the Chairman, State Committeeman and State Committeewoman shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses of travel and lodging.  The Treasurer of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee shall determine the reasonability of the expenses subject to the approval by the Brevard Republican Executive Board. 


The Chairman shall be an, ex officio, voting member of all standing committees.



Rick Lacey

Vice Chairman

Susan Hammerling


Paul Oddo


Linda Fern Davis

State Committeeman

Mike Thomas

State Committeewoman

Cheryl Lankes